TilePuzzles.com - Train Game (puzzle 1)

25 different train games and puzzles.

The levels unlock as you complete the train puzzles. Just move the carriages to let the railway engine steam off to the right of the screen. Another train game can be found in the tile championship. Get 100 train puzzles and more on your iPhone, for free!

Help the train escape from the yard. Click and drag the carriages to move them out of the way.

Restart or select another tile puzzle in Tile Championship

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Can you complete all 25 levels of train games? Each railway puzzle
is unlocked as you complete the game before. Start on level 1.

TilePuzzles.com - a fabulous collection of over 40 different sliding tile games and puzzles in various formats including train games and puzzles, traditional number squares, wooden blocks and picture tiles. These 25 train games will bend your mind - the puzzle is: Will you go 'loco' in this game?
Collect medals in the Tile Championship and submit your game score to the Hi Scores.

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