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Impuzzibles - Impossible Puzzles

Impuzzibles (n pl.) [Im-puzz-ee-bulls]
The name given to some of the World's most difficult puzzles. 'The hardest puzzles in the World', some say. Derived by combining 'Impossible' with 'Puzzle' making 'Impuzzible'. Other variants include Impuzzle, Impuzzibility and Impuzzibleness. Google counts for these terms were: Impuzzible 5170, Impuzzle 13100, Impuzzibility 199 and Impuzzibleness 1 (this site!), as of 1st October 2014. See also Impuzzibility.com for impuzzible definitions.

The Boat Impuzzible - the World's hardest puzzle - as judged by the staff at OriginalGames.com (that's us, by the way!) Over 150 tiles including 'tilettes' - odd shaped tiles inserted by the sadistic puzzle maker. If you can solve this puzzle in less than a year you are a genius. Your position is saved for continuation next visit (requires cookies to be on).

The Tranquil Scene Impuzzible - the most difficult puzzle in the Solar system. Over 70 tiles of irregular shapes mixed up in a fiendish smorgasbord of nastiness. Target for completion = 2 years. Actually you won't complete this one - it's the perfect impuzzible - seems impossible but isn't quite.

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